Find the Right Space

What are your goals and dreams for your new space?  What are you hoping to accomplish there?  Let us help you develop a solid plan with trusted specialists before you spend any money. 

Modern Living Room

Ready to Buy, Sell or Rent in Orange County, Ca?

Let us know what you're looking for and when? We want to help you save stress, time and money by helping you get the most for your investment.  Schedule a free, in-person consultation with Laura Palacios, Huntington Beach Realtor and Design Consultant, to help you get started.

Custom Organization

Get the most use out of your space by maximizing every inch.  Create an organized space that is customized for you and your things. Pre-plan your item purging, packing strategy, or multi room organization before your project or move begin.

Designer Comparing Samples

Interior Design Consultant

Get customized recommendations, preliminary design consulting and project management before you start your home improvement project or property search.

Home Decor


Set the tone and let the space work for you. Houses prove to sell faster with good intentional staging and Youtubers report higher volumes of followers with good eye-catching set design. We understand the art of communicating through spatial design to help you achieve your goals. 

Custom Fabric Sofa.jpg

Upholstery Services 

Transform your space with with a fabric face-lift. Whether re-upholstering your grandmother's antique armchair or wanting custom window coverings, we come to you and help with the details.